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CPAP Cleaner Machine - Rescare M1 CPAP Cleaner
Helen Couch (Noblesville, US)

Love it

Outstanding value!

It is well made, and a very good value compared to others in its class. I have not used it enough to evaluate fully. But so far it’s 5 stars.


Your CPAP cleaning machine is working great so far. I think it is a good purchase for the price.

Posture corrector.

Unfortunately I had to return. However, was very well made and shipped nicely.

Cleaner Air

A very happy customer

CMT1A foot drop help

Glad I found this foot drop brace that I can wear using regular cushioned shoes. My other brace fit inside my shoes and had a hard plastic bottom that hurt my feet. The AFO foot drop brace is much more useful and gives me more walking confidence. Even the price is right. I think I’ll buy another pair for wearing with my winter boots that get dirty.

CPAP Cleaning & Sanitizing Machine - Rescare M1 CPAP Cleaner


Easy to use and better than arm cuff

works great - nice voice reader and large numerals able to read easily


It's really amazing

Good Product

Easy to use and a great buy.

Easy to set up and use. No problems. Thank you!

Shoulder Brace, Cuff Support for AC Joint , Rotator Cuff Injury

Fantastic Drop Foot Brace

This Drop Foot Brace works great for me. Comfortable and very supportive for my drop foot. Now I can go for walks again without falling on my knees as has happened prior to this AFO support brace. I think the construction is very good and the air cushion works very good for me. Thank You Much! God Bless! Dwight

Life saver

I have dropfoot from peripheral neuropathy and this AFO has been critical in regaining certain lost abilities. I use the AFO’s with wetsocks and wetshoes in and around the pool for physical therapy with much reduced fear of tripping. The AFO’s are light but firm and adjustable and fit easily in shoes for daily use around the house and backyard. And they are very affordable to boot. Great simple but effective support brace, easy to put on or remove. You may need to give it some time to adjust or find the right size if you have swollen feet but once you find the right fit it will be worth your while.

Drop Foot Brace Afo Splint, Ankle Foot Orthosis Support

I find the double shoulder brace rotator cuff really good when I put it on at nights for sleeping. It makes laying and sleeping more comfortable and supports my shoulders well. I also a one shoulder at times and again supports the shoulder when I am doing things and need the added support.

MOYEAH Portable Phlegm Suction Unit Electric Household Machine 1000ml

Drop foot brace

Wish I had of had this brace years ago

Great product.

I have right n left drop foot race and it's great quality product.

CPAP Tube Cleaning Brush for Mask and Pipe
RICHARD SPAAR (Winchester, US)

CPAP Tube Cleaning Brush for Mask and Pipe

CPAP Cleaning & Sanitizing Machine - Rescare M1 CPAP Cleaner

Exercise hand and finger ball

Very happy with these. Arthritis pain has subsided and can bend my fingers and hands now so easily. Great product.